Рейтинг «Пурпурного легиона» c 20 по 26 июля 2009 года

  1. Iron Maiden. Flight 666 (2DVD)
  2. Spirit. Action/Adventure/Ws/Spec/Dol/Ac3/Sub/Digc
  3. Queen. Rock In Rio/Amar
  4. Clapton, Eric&Winwood, Steve. Live From Madison Square Garden/BR
  5. King, B. B. Live In The Montreux 1993
  6. Jackson, Michael. Number Ones
  7. Watchmen (Director’s Cut) (Blu-Ray). Animation
  8. Buble, Michael. Caught In The Act
  9. Woodstock. Documentary/3 Days Of Peace&Music/Ws/Dir/Aniv/Ult/Sub/Dol/Ac3/Rm
  10. Falling Down (Blu-ray). Drama
  11. Iron Maiden. Flight 666 (BR)
  12. Return To Forever. Live At Montreux 2008/Dol/Dts/Btrs
  13. Cohen, Leonard. Live In London
  14. Krall, Diana. Live In Rio
  15. King, B. B. Live In The Montreux 1993 (BR)
  16. Foreigner. Live: Soundstage/Amar
  17. Farmer, Mylene. Mylenium Tour
  18. Beck, Jeff. Performing This Week.. Live At Ronnie Scott’s (BR)
  19. Gilmour, David. Remember That Night (2DVD)
  20. Queen. Rock Montreal & Live Aid
  21. Brightman, Sarah. Symphony: Live In Vienna
  22. Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace & Music (Blu-Ray). Various
  23. Anna Netrebko, Rolando Villazon, Wiener Philharmoniker, Carlo Rizzi. Verdi: La Traviata (BR)
  24. National Treasure. Action (ABC) (Rus5. 1)
  25. Watchmen (Director’s Cut). Animation
  26. Rolling Stones. The Biggest Bang (BR)
  27. Sting. Bring On The Night (BR)
  28. Police. Certifiable (DVD/CD)
  29. Pink Martini. Discover The World: Live In Concert/Dig
  30. Ten Years After. Going Home-Live From London
  31. Gould, G. Hereafter
  32. Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Action (BR)
  33. Priests. In Concert At Armagh Cathedral
  34. Waters, Roger. In The Flesh:Live
  35. Nickelback. Live At Home
  36. Wonder, Stevie. Live At Last (BR)
  37. Rammstein. Live Aus Berlin
  38. Clapton, Eric&Winwood, Steve. Live From Madison Square Garden
  39. Krall, Diana. Live In Rio (BR)
  40. Metallica. Live Sh*t
  41. Ferry, Bryan. New Town
  42. Queen. Night At The Opera (DVDAudio)
  43. Styx&Contemporary Youth Orchestra (BR). One With Everything
  44. Dalida. Passionnement
  45. Beck, Jeff. Performing This Week.. Live At Ronnie Scott’s
  46. Pet Shop Boys. PopArt — Best Of 1985-2003 (DVD) (PAL)
  47. I Robot. Sci-Fi (It)(RegBC)(Rus5. 1)
  48. Led Zeppelin (Blu-Ray)(English). Song Remains The Same
  49. Mad Men. TV/Season 2
  50. Slade. Very Best Of (DVD)
  51. Nature’s Most Amazing Events (Blu-Ray). Visual
  52. Gathering. A Noise Severe (2DVD)
  53. Abba. Abba The Movie (BR)
  54. Zest Of Zazie (Les Victories). Action
  55. Passengers. Action
  56. Jurassic Park (Ultimate Collection). Action
  57. Valkyrie (Blu-Ray)(Russian). Action
  58. Return To Forever (Blu-Ray). Action
  59. Rock n Rolla (Two-disc). Action
  60. Body Of Lies (Two-disc). Action
  61. Street Fighter (Blu-ray). Action
  62. Departed (Blu-Ray). Action
  63. Le Grand Blue (4DVD). Action
  64. Leon Professional (Blu-Ray)(France). Action
  65. Reader (Canada). Action
  66. Reservoir Dogs. Action
  67. Sidney Crosby. Action
  68. Ghost (Blu-ray). Action
  69. Top Gun (Blu-ray). Action
  70. Gran Torino [Blu-ray]. Action
  71. Gomorra. Action
  72. South Pacific (Blu-Ray) (English). Action
  73. Downfall (Blu-ray). Action
  74. Friday The 13Th (2009) (Blu-Ray). Action
  75. Ghostbusters (Blu-Ray). Action
  76. Fatal Attraction [Blu-ray]. Action
  77. Prison Break: The Final Break. Action
  78. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (Blu-ray)(Russian). Action
  79. Spider-Man 3. Action (Reg ABC) (Russian 5. 1)
  80. National Treasure 2: Book Of Secrets. Action (RegBC)(Rus5. 1)
  81. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete (Blu-Ray). Adven
  82. Verdi. Aida
  83. Johnson, Eric. Anaheim
  84. Nightmare Before Christmas (Blu-ray). Animation
  85. Nightmare Before Christmas. Animation/(2PC)/Coll
  86. Fogerty, John. Austin Sity Lmtd
  87. Within Temptation. Black Symphony (2BR)
  88. Lully. Bourgeois Gentilhomme/Dumestre 2 DVD
  89. Sting. Bring On The Night (DVD)
  90. Magic Slim/Guests. Buddy Guy’s Chicago Legend
  91. Blackmore’s Night. Castles&Dreams
  92. Therion. Celebrators Of Becoming (Box)
  93. Isaak, Chris. Christmas (Soundstage) (WS)
  94. Waters, Muddy. Classic Concerts (DVD)
  95. Pirates Of Caribbean 2 (Blu-ray). Comedy (BR)
  96. Fear&Loathing In Las Vegas. Comedy/D. Depp
  97. Supernatural. Complete First Season (3PC)
  98. Colosseum. Complete Reunion Concert
  99. Spooks. Complete Season Four (5DVD)
  100. Streisand, Barbra. Concerts (3DVD)
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