Рейтинг «Пурпурного легиона». ТОП 100 CD

Рейтинг ТОП 100 CD c 18 по 24 мая 2009 года

  1. Melua,Katie. Pictures
  2. Dylan,Bob. Together Through Life
  3. Gillan,Ian. One Eye To Morroco (Ltd Ed)
  4. Depeche Mode. Sounds Of The Universe
  5. Amos,Tori. Abnormally Attracted To Sin (CD/DVD)
  6. Amos,Tori. Abnormally Attracted To Sin
  7. Bonamassa,Joe. Ballads Of John Henry
  8. U2. No Line On The Horizon (Digi)
  9. Depeche Mode. Sounds Of The Universe
  10. Crystal Method. Divided By Night (Digi)
  11. Bjork. Voltaic (Ltd Ed) (2CD/2DVD)
  12. Sandra. Back To Life
  13. Vaughan,Stevie Ray. Blues At Sunrise
  14. Cars. Heartbeat City
  15. Cohen,Leonard. Live In London
  16. Gardot,Melody. My One & Only Thrill (US)
  17. Eminem. Relapse
  18. Metallica. Broken, Beat&Scarred (CD5) (Pt.2)
  19. White,Peter. Caravan Of Dreams
  20. U2. No Line On The Horizon
  21. Depeche Mode. Sounds Of The Universe (3CD/DVD/2Books) (Box)
  22. Depeche Mode. Sounds Of The Universe (CD/DVD)
  23. Deep Purple. Stormbringer (Rem) (CD/DVD)
  24. Sandra/Anders,Thomas. The Night Is Still Young
  25. Isis. Wavering Radiant
  26. Quebec,Ike. Bossa Nova Soul Samba (RVG)
  27. Lennox,Annie. Collection + New Songs (CD/DVD)
  28. Madonna. Miles Away (CD5)
  29. Krall,Diana. Quiet Nights (Digi)
  30. Depeche Mode. Sounds Of The Universe (Ltd Ed) (CD/DVD)
  31. Pet Shop Boys. Yes
  32. Bregovic,Goran. Alkohol
  33. Dire Straits. Brothers In Arms - 20th Anniv Ed
  34. Pink Floyd. Dark Side Of The Moon
  35. I Monster. Dense Swarm Of Ancient Stars
  36. Hooker,John Lee. Don't Look Back
  37. Iron Maiden. Flight 666 (2CD)
  38. Malone,Russell. Heartstrings
  39. Carrack,Paul. I Know That Name
  40. Botti,Chris. In Boston (CD/DVD)
  41. Getz,Stan/Byrd,Charlie. Jazz Samba
  42. Kleerup. Kleerup
  43. Omar & The Howlers. Muddy Springs Road
  44. U2. No Line On The Horizon
  45. Black Dog. O.S.T.
  46. Gillan,Ian. One Eye To Morroco
  47. Pop,Iggy. Preliminaires
  48. Young,Lester/Wilson,Teddy. Pres & Teddy
  49. Landreth,Sonny. South Of I-10
  50. Gazebo. Syndrone
  51. Marilyn Manson. The High End Of Low (Del) (2CD)
  52. Unforgettable. Various (2CD)
  53. Deep Purple. Who Do We Think We Are
  54. Paper Route. Absence
  55. Pink Floyd. Animals (Rem)
  56. AC/DC. Black Ice (Dlx Ed)
  57. Fleetwood,Mick. Blue Again
  58. Pink Floyd. Box Set (Limited Edition) (16CD/DVD)
  59. Judas Priest. British Steel (Exp)
  60. Metallica. Broken, Beat & Scarred
  61. Melua,Katie. Call Off The Search
  62. Ministry. Cover Up (Digi)
  63. Nickelback. Dark Horse
  64. Metallica. Death Magnetic
  65. Soul Ballet. DreamBEATdream
  66. Pink Floyd. Echoes-Best Of (2CD)
  67. Fabian,Lara. En Toute Intimite
  68. Cohen,Leonard. Essential (2CD) (Ltd Ed)
  69. Corea,Chick&McLaughlin,John. Five Peace Band Live (2CD)
  70. Lord,Jon. Gemini Suite (Ltd Ed)
  71. Carlisle,Belinda. Heaven On Earth (Sp Ed) (CD/DVD)
  72. Benoit,David. Heroes
  73. Ac/Dc. Highway To Hell (Rem)
  74. Parsons,Alan. I Robot
  75. Queen. Jazz
  76. Royksopp. Junior
  77. Deep Purple. Machine Head
  78. Isaak,Chris. Mr.Lucky
  79. Angels & Demons. O.S.T./Zimmer,Hans
  80. Beck. One Foot In The Grave (Sp Ed)
  81. Deyoung,Dennis. One Hundred Years From Now (Digi)
  82. Deep Purple. Perfect Strangers (Rem)
  83. Farmer,Mylene. Point De Suture
  84. Cale,J.J. Roll On
  85. Cooper,Alice. School's Out
  86. Enigma. Seven Lives Many Faces
  87. Simply Red. Simply Red 25
  88. Morrissey. Something Is Squeezing My Skull (CD5)
  89. Rolling Stones. The Goats Head Soup (Rem)
  90. Marilyn Manson. The High End Of Low
  91. Rolling Stones. The Sticky Fingers (Rem)
  92. Dylan,Bob. Together Through Life (Sp Dlx Ed)
  93. Franz Ferdinand. Tonight
  94. Laid Back. Unfinished Symphonies
  95. Bossa N'Ramones. Various
  96. Empire Of The Sun. Walking On A Dream
  97. Pink Floyd. Wish You Were Here (Rem)
  98. Harvey,P.J./Parish,John. Woman A Man Walked By
  99. Springsteen,Bruce. Working On A Dream
  100. Depeche Mode. Wrong (CD5)

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