Рейтинг «Пурпурного легиона». ТОП 100 DVD

Рейтинг ТОП 100 DVD c 4 по 10 мая 2009 года

  1. Beck,Jeff. Performing This Week...Live At Ronnie Scott’s (BR)
  2. Brightman,Sarah. Symphony: Live In Vienna
  3. Cohen,Leonard. Live In London/Dig
  4. Botti,Chris. Chris Botti In Boston Dig
  5. Pink Floyd. Pulse (2DVD)
  6. ZZ Top. Live From Texas
  7. Beck,Jeff. Performing This Week...Live At Ronnie Scott’s
  8. Farmer,Mylene. Music Videos I
  9. Black Label Society (Wylde,Zakk). Skullage/Wcd/Dol
  10. Crue Fest 1. Various
  11. Led Zeppelin (Blu-Ray)(English). Song Remains The Same
  12. Wonder,Stevie. Live At Last (Digi)
  13. Camouflage. Live In Dresden (DVD/CD)
  14. Deep Purple. Live In Concert 72/73 (DVD) (PAL)
  15. Farmer,Mylene. Mylenium Tour
  16. Malmsteen,Yngwie. Beyond The Sun (DVD)
  17. Yanni. Live: The Concert Event/Ws/Dol/Dts
  18. Abba. Gold Le Concert Hommage
  19. AC/DC. No Bull/DirCut
  20. Cocker,Joe. Best Of Live (DVD) (PAL)
  21. Collins,Phil. Serious Hits...L
  22. Davis,Miles. That’s What Happened: Live In Germany 1987
  23. Depeche Mode. Touring The Angel — Live In Milan (2DVD/CD)
  24. Dire Straits. Sultans Of Swing-Very Best Of (DVD)
  25. Dream Theater. Chaos In Motion 2007/2008 (5DVD/3CD)
  26. Heart. Alive In Seattle (BR)
  27. Men In Black. Sci-Fi (ABC)(Rus5.1)
  28. Metallica. Broken, Beat&Scarred (DVD5)
  29. My Own Worst Enemy. TV/Complete Series/Ws/Sub/Dol/Ac3/Slip
  30. Nine Inch Nails. Beside You In Time (DVD)
  31. Police. Certifiable (DVD/CD)
  32. Quantum of Solace (2DVD). Action
  33. Schiller. Sehnsicht Love
  34. Shakira. Oral Fixation Tour/Bonc
  35. Spirit. Action/Adventure/Ws/Spec/Dol/Ac3/Sub/Digc
  36. Stewart,Rod. It Had To Be You
  37. Styx. Contemporary Youth Orchestra Of Cleveland/One With Everything/Dts/Dol
  38. Waters,Muddy. Live At Chicagofest
  39. Winehouse,Amy. I Told You I Was Trouble — Live in London (BR)
  40. Abba. #’s (DVD)
  41. Ac/Dc. Plug Me In (2DVD)
  42. Ace In The Hole. Action
  43. Aerosmith. Live In Philadelphia
  44. Aerosmith. You Gotta Move (A&E Special) (DVD)
  45. Air Force One. Triller (BR)
  46. America. Live In Chicago — Soundstage
  47. Apocalypto. Action
  48. Army Of Lovers. Various
  49. Asia. Fantasia-Live In Tokyo (BR)
  50. Aznavour,Charles. Au Carnegie Hall (PAL)
  51. Bachman,Randy. Live At Montreal Jazz Festival
  52. Bad Boys Blue. Videos
  53. Bad Company. In Concert: Merchants Of Cool
  54. Bangkok Dangerous (Blu-ray). Action
  55. Battle In Seatle. Action
  56. Beatles Help (2DVD/BOOK)
  57. Bizet. Theatre Francais
  58. Bon Jovi. Live From London (DVD)
  59. Bon Jovi,Jon. Destination Anywhere (DVD) (NTSC)
  60. Bonamassa,Joe. Live At Rockpalast
  61. Bourne Trilogy (Blu-ray). Action
  62. Brightman,Sarah. La Luna (PAL)
  63. Brown,James. Live (Digi)
  64. Bruford,Bill. Anthology 1
  65. Bruford,Bill. Anthology 2
  66. Carrie (Blu-ray). Horror
  67. Cash,Johnny. Gospel Music Of Johnny Cash
  68. Cash,Johnny. Live From Austin TX
  69. Cash,Johnny. Live In Johnstown,PA
  70. Casino Royale (Collectors Edition 3 DVD). Action
  71. Casino Royale 007. Action (BR) (Russian 5,1)
  72. Celtic Woman. Celtic Woman (DVD)
  73. Cheburashka (Japan). Anim
  74. Children Of The Century. Binoche,Juliette
  75. Cincotti,Peter. Live In New York (DVD)
  76. Coldplay. Love Actually
  77. Collateral Damages (Blu-Ray). Action
  78. Concert For Diana. Various (2BR)
  79. Concert For Diana. Various (2DVD)
  80. Coral Reef Adventure (BR). Documentary
  81. Cortes,Joaquin. Live At Royal Albert Hall
  82. Crow,Sheryl. Live
  83. Crow,Sheryl. Live (Soundstage)
  84. Cure. Festival 2005 (DVD)
  85. Cure. Trilogy — Live In Berlin (BR)
  86. Day The Earth Stood Still (Blu-ray)(Russian). Horror
  87. Deburgh,Chris. Beautiful Dreams — Live (DVD)
  88. Delon,Alain. Les Seins De Glace
  89. Delon,Alain. L’Homme Presse
  90. Demone,Gitane. Life After Death (2DVD)
  91. Departed (Blu-Ray). Action
  92. Depeche Mode. 101 (2DVD) (PAL)
  93. Depeche Mode. Devotional (2DVD) (PAL)
  94. Depeche Mode. One Night In Paris: Exciter Tour (Reis) (2DVD)
  95. Destiny’s Child. Live In Atlanta (BR)
  96. Diamond,Neil. Thank You Australia — Live In Sydney 1976
  97. Die Toten Hosen. 3 Akkorde Fur Ein Halleluja
  98. Doro. Fur Ummer (2DVD)
  99. Earth. Docu/The Biography
  100. Earth,Wind & Fire. Live In Japan (DVD/CD)
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