Рейтинг «Пурпурного легиона». ТОП 100 DVD

Рейтинг «Пурпурного легиона». ТОП 100 DVD

  1. Brightman, Sarah. Symphony: Live In Vienna
  2. Minogue, Kylie. Kylie X (2008)
  3. Queen. Live At Wembley Stadium (2DVD) (PAL)
  4. Pavarotti, Luciano. Petra Salutes — Memorial Concert (BR)
  5. Deep Purple. They All Come Down To Montreux
  6. Within Temptation. Black Symphony (Ltd Ed) (2DVD/2CD)
  7. Deep Purple. Come Hell Or High Water
  8. Streisand, Barbra. Concerts (BR)
  9. Brightman, Sarah. Symphony: Live In Vienna
  10. Cure. Trilogy
  11. 72 Complete. (Ultimate Collectors Edition)
  12. Tangerine Dream. 35Th Phaedra Anniv Live In London
  13. Punisher 2: War Zone (two-Disc). Action
  14. Pride And Glory (Blu-Ray). Action
  15. Rocknrolla. Action/Spec/Ws/Digc
  16. Body Of Lies. Action/Ws/Spec/Digc
  17. Lavigne, Avril. Best Damn Tour: Live In Toronto
  18. Jonas Kaufmann. Bizet: Carmen
  19. Within Temptation. Black Symphony (2BR)
  20. Police. Certifiable (3DVD)
  21. Police. Certifiable (DVD/CD)
  22. Pink Panther. Comedy (ABC) (Russian 5.1)
  23. Devil Wears Prada. Comedy (It)(ABC)(Rus5.1)
  24. Streisand, Barbra. Concerts (3DVD)
  25. Depeche Mode. Devotional (2DVD) (PAL)
  26. Fourplay. Dol/Full
  27. Australia. Drama/Ws/Sub/Dub/Dol/Ac3
  28. John, Elton. Elton 60 — Live At Madison Square Garden (BR)
  29. Eagles. Farewell I Tour:Live From Melbourne
  30. Blue Man Group. How To Be A Megastar 2.1/Wcd
  31. Smashing Pumpkins. If All Goes Wrong
  32. Dido. Live
  33. Wonder, Stevie. Live At Last (BR)
  34. Foo Fighters. Live At Wembley Stadium (BR)
  35. Deep Purple. Live In Concert 72/73 (DVD) (PAL)
  36. Mamma Mia (Blu-ray). Musical
  37. Wiener Philharmoniker/Barenboim. New Year’s Day Concert 2009
  38. Dire Straits. On The Night (Live) (DVD)
  39. U2. Popmart Live From Mexico (DVD)
  40. Diddley, Bo/Berry, Chuck. Rock’N’Roll All Star Jam (Digi)
  41. Rush. Snakes And Arrows (BR)
  42. Led Zeppelin. Song Remains The Same/Ltd/Coll
  43. Verdi. Traviata/Solti
  44. House: Season One. TV/(6PC)/(Ws/Sub/Ac3/Dol/Dig)
  45. Tribute To Pavarotti. Various/Ws/Sub/Dol/Ac3/Dts
  46. Slade. Very Best Of (DVD)
  47. Bocelli, Andrea. Vivere Live In Tuscany (Slidepack)
  48. Bad Boys Blue. 1985-2005 Video Collection
  49. Lemon Jelly. 64-95
  50. Krauss, Alison. A Hundred Miles Or More — Live from the Tracking Room
  51. Goodfellas (Blu-Ray). Action
  52. Punisher 2: War Zone (Blu-ray). Action
  53. Olivia (Dvd-Audio). Action
  54. Quantum of Solace (BR). Action
  55. Quantum of Solace (2DVD). Action
  56. Last Emperor (Criterion ). Action
  57. Day Watch (English). Action
  58. Commando Dir-cut. Action
  59. Mr&Mrs Smith. Action (Def.Ed.) (Metal Box)
  60. Die Hard. Action/Die Harder (ABC)
  61. Carey, Mariah. Adventures Of Mimi (Sp Ed) (2DVD)
  62. Heart. Alive In Seattle (BR)
  63. Turner, Tina. All The Best — Live Collection (DVD) (PAL)
  64. Chicken Run. Animated (Fr)(ABC)
  65. Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex. Animation
  66. Futurama 1. Animation
  67. Futurama 2. Animation
  68. Final Fantasy Box. Animation
  69. Chronological Donald Vol 2. Animation
  70. Ролли и Эльф Невероятные Приключения. Animation (ABC)(Rus5.1)
  71. Van Buuren, Armin. Armin Only: Ahoy
  72. Farmer, Mylene. Avant Que L’Ombre?/Bercy
  73. Boyzone. Back Again...No Matter What Live 2008 (2DVD)
  74. Finn, Mickey & T-Rex. Back In Business
  75. Aguilera, Christina. Back To Basics: Live And Down Under
  76. Top Gear/Polar Special. BBC DVD(Dir.Cut) (ABC)
  77. Atomic Kitten. Be With Us (PAL)
  78. Leonard Bernstein. Beethoven Cycle (7DVD)
  79. Radiohead. Best Of
  80. Malmsteen, Yngwie. Beyond The Sun (DVD)
  81. Orbison, Roy. Black&White Night
  82. Shostakovich. Bolt/Bolshoi Ballet, Sorokin
  83. Sting. Bring On The Night (DVD)
  84. Can. Can (2DVD)
  85. Motley Crue. Carnival Of Sins (BR)
  86. Police. Certifiable (2DVD)
  87. Police. Certifiable (2DVD/2CD)
  88. Gregorian. Christmas Chants & Visions (DVD/CD)
  89. Carreras, J.. Collection, 7DVD
  90. Friends Season 3. Comedy
  91. Vicky Cristina Barcelona (Blu-Ray). Comedy
  92. Spaceballs (2DVD). Comedy
  93. Friends Season 4. Comedy
  94. What Women Want. Comedy (ABC )
  95. Haunted Mansion. Comedy (Ger)(ABC)(Rus5.1)
  96. Step Brothers. Comedy (Rus5.1)(UA) (ABC)
  97. Big Lebowski 10 Aniversary. Comedy/LimEd
  98. Tesla. Comin’ Atcha Live! 2008
  99. Shapplin, Emma. Concert In Caesarea (PAL)
  100. Madonna. Confessions Tour
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