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  1. Plant, Robert. Soundstage (DVD)
  2. Led Zeppelin. How The West Was Won (2DVD)
  3. Ac/Dc. Live At Donington
  4. Ac/Dc. Plug Me In (3DVD)
  5. Charles, Ray. Live At Montreux 1997 (BR)
  6. Mylene Farmer. Mylene Farmer (Blu-ray)
  7. Police. Certifiable (3DVD)
  8. Who. At Kilburn 1977 (BR)
  9. ZZ Top. Live From Texas
  10. Gamma Ray. Hell Yeah (2DVD)
  11. Knopfler, Mark. Night In London (Live) (DVD)
  12. Nickelback. Live At Sturgis — 2006
  13. Pink Floyd. Pulse (2DVD)
  14. Schulze, Klaus/Gerrard, Lisa. Rheingold (2DVD)
  15. Slade. Very Best Of (DVD)
  16. Winehouse, Amy. I Told You I Was Trouble — Live In London (Slidepack)
  17. Within Temptation. Black Symphony (Ltd Ed) (2DVD/2CD)
  18. Yanni. Concert Event
  19. Bennett, Tony. An American Classic (BR)
  20. Bocelli, Andrea. Vivere Live In Tuscany (Slidepack)
  21. Concert For Diana. Various (2DVD)
  22. Cure. Trilogy: Live In Berlin
  23. Destiny’s Child. Live In Atlanta
  24. Dire Straits. On The Night (Live) (DVD)
  25. Don Juan. Musicale
  26. Enigma. Seven Lives Many Faces
  27. Ferry, Bryan. New Town
  28. Genesis. Video Show (Reis) (DVD)
  29. Gilmour, David. Remember That Night (2DVD)
  30. Iron Maiden. Live After Death (Pal)
  31. Iron Maiden. Visions Of The Beast (2DVD)
  32. King, B. B. Live (BR)
  33. Lang, Johnny. Montreux 1999
  34. Lavigne, Avril. Best Damn Thing — Live
  35. Limp Bizkit. Greatest Videoz (DVD)
  36. Madonna. Drowned World Tour 2001
  37. Metallica. Cunning Stunts (Live) (DVD)
  38. Metallica. Videos 1989-2004 (DVD)
  39. Mika. Live, Parc Des Princes, Paris (BR)
  40. Minogue, Kylie. White Diamond/Homecoming (Sp Ed) (2DVD)
  41. Page, Jimmy/Plant, Robert. No Quarter — Unledded
  42. Queen. Live At Wembley Stadium (2DVD) (PAL)
  43. Sandra. Complete History(PAL)
  44. Shakira. Oral Fixation Tour (2PC)
  45. Sting. Bring On The Night (BR)
  46. Twin Peaks. Definitive Gold Box
  47. Tyler, Bonnie. On Tour — Live A La Cigale, Paris (DVD)
  48. Williams, Robbie. Live At T/Albert (PAL)
  49. Winehouse, Amy. I Told You I Was Trouble — Live in London (BR)
  50. Within Temptation. Black Symphony (BR)
  51. 2000 AD. Action (Engl)
  52. 300. Action (BR)
  53. 6Th Day. Action (5.1 Russian) (Reg A.B.C.)
  54. Abba. 16 Hits (DVD)
  55. Abba. Abba The Movie (BR)
  56. Ac/Dc. Stiff Upper Lip Live
  57. AC/DC. No Bull (BR)
  58. Adams, Bryan. Live In Lisbon (DVD)
  59. Aerosmith. You Gotta Move (A&E Special) (DVD)
  60. Aguilera, Christina. Back To Basics: Live And Down Under
  61. Alizee. Live (DVD) (PAL)
  62. Almost Famous. Drama (Reg A.B.C.)
  63. Amos, Tori. Fade To Red — Video Collection (2DVD)
  64. Amos, Tori. Live At Montreux 1991/1992
  65. Animated Soviet Propaganda. Animation
  66. Apocalyptica. Life Burns Tour (DVD)
  67. Bad Company. In Concert: Merchants Of Cool
  68. Beach Boys. Lost Concert (DVD)
  69. Beatles. Anthology (5DVD) (PAL)
  70. Beatles. First  U. S. Visit (DVD) (PAL)
  71. Benson, George. Absolutely Live
  72. Beyonce. Experience Live
  73. Bjork. Greatest Hits 1993-2003
  74. Black Sabbath. Story — Volume One
  75. Blackmore’s Night. Paris Moon (DVD/CD)
  76. Blondie. Greatest Video Hits (PAL)
  77. Blue Man Group. Complex Rock Tour
  78. Blue Note — Story Of Modern Jazz. Various
  79. Bocelli, Andrea. Vivere — Live In Tuscany (2DVD)
  80. Bocelli, Andrea. Vivere — Live In Tuscany (BR)
  81. Boney M. Fantastic — On Stage & On The Road
  82. Bowie, David. Glass Spider Tour (DVD)
  83. Boyzone. Back Again... No Matter What Live 2008 (2DVD)
  84. Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Horror (Reg ABC) (Russian 4.0)
  85. Brightman, Sarah. La Luna (PAL)
  86. Bullet For My Valentine. Live At Brixton (2DVD)
  87. Calexico. World Drifts In
  88. Carey, Mariah. Adventures Of Mimi (Sp Ed) (2DVD)
  89. Carey, Mariah. Live At Madison Square Garden (DVD)
  90. Cash, Johnny/Tribute. Various
  91. Chicago/Earth, Wind&Fire. Live At The Greek (BR)
  92. Chronicles Of Narnia 2/Prince Kaspian. Adventures (BC) (Rus5.1)
  93. Chronicles Of Narnia:Lion T/Witch And T/Wardrobe. Fantasy (2PC)(De)(ABC)(Rus5.1)
  94. Chronological Donald. Vol. 2. Animation
  95. Clapton, Eric. 24 Nights/Chronicles
  96. Clapton, Eric. Crossroads Guitar Festival
  97. Clapton, Eric. Live At Montreux 1986
  98. Clapton, Eric. Unplugged
  99. Clash. Live — Revolution Rock (Digi)
  100. Legends (E.Clapton/S.Gadd/M.Miller/J.Sample/D.Sanborn) Live At Montreux 1997
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