Рейтинг «Пурпурного легиона». ТОП 100 DVD

Рейтинг «Пурпурного легиона». ТОП 100 DVD

Рейтинг ТОП 100 DVD c 27 апреля по 3 мая 2009 года

  1. Beck,Jeff. Performing This Week... Live At Ronnie Scott’s/Dol/Dts
  2. Beck,Jeff. Performing This Week... Live At Ronnie Scott’s/Dol/Dts
  3. Cohen,Leonard. Live In London/Dig
  4. Wonder,Stevie. Live At Last (Digi)
  5. Brightman,Sarah. Symphony: Live In Vienna
  6. Botti,Chris. Chris Botti In Boston Dig
  7. ZZ Top. Live From Texas
  8. Metallica. Broken, Beat&Scarred (DVD5)
  9. Crue Fest 1. Various
  10. Pretty Woman. Comedy (ABC) (Russian 5.1)
  11. Streisand,Barbra. Concerts (BR)
  12. Rihanna. Good Girl Gone Bad — Live (BR)
  13. Minogue,Kylie. Kylie X 2008
  14. ZZ Top. Live From Texas/BR
  15. Camouflage. Live In Dresden
  16. Pain Of Salvation. On The Two Deaths Of Pain Of Salvation/(2PC)
  17. Pink Floyd. Pulse/Dig
  18. Gilmour,David. Remember That Night (2DVD)
  19. McCartney,Paul. Space Within Us BR
  20. Blindness. Action
  21. Bolshoi Ballet. Best Of
  22. Orbison,Roy (BR). Black&White Night
  23. Dream Theater. Chaos In Motion 2007/2008 (3DVD)
  24. Styx. Contemporary Youth Orchestra Of Cleveland/One With Everything/Dts/Dol
  25. Bach/Mozart. Cts/Spivakov
  26. Asia. Fantasia-Live In Tokyo (BR)
  27. Bartoli,Cecilia. Handel: Semele (BR)
  28. Chronicles Riddick (Blu-Ray) (English). Horror
  29. Winehouse,Amy. I Told You I Was Trouble — Live In London (DVD)
  30. Waters,Roger. In The Flesh:Live
  31. Jethro Tull/Live At Montreux 2003. Jethro Tull/Live At Montreux 2003/Dol/Dts
  32. Minogue,Kylie. Kylie X (2008) (BR)
  33. Wonder,Stevie. Live At Last (BR)
  34. Three Days Grace. Live At The Palace (BR)
  35. Foo Fighters. Live At Wembley Stadium
  36. Queen. Live At Wembley Stadium (2DVD) (PAL)
  37. Brightman,Sarah. Live From Las Vegas/Dol/Dts
  38. Deep Purple. Live In California (DVD)
  39. Dion,Celine. Live In Las Vegas:A New Day BR
  40. Nicks,Stevie. Live/In/Chicago
  41. Mylene Farmer (Blu-ray). Movi
  42. Moore,Gary&Friends. One Night in Dublin (Blu-ray)
  43. Pavarotti,Luciano. Pavarotti Duets
  44. Pavarotti,Luciano. Petra Salutes — Memorial Concert (BR)
  45. Pink Floyd. Pulse (2DVD)
  46. I Robot. Sci-Fi (It)(RegBC)(Rus5.1)
  47. My Own Worst Enemy. TV/Complete Series/Ws/Sub/Dol/Ac3/Slip
  48. Netrebko. Woman the Voice DVD
  49. Stomp Live. Ws
  50. John,Elton. Elton 60 — Live At Madison Square Garden (BR)
  51. Santana. Hymns For Peace: Live At Montreux
  52. Led Zeppelin. Song Remains The Same/Eng
  53. Abba. 16 Hits (DVD)
  54. Die Toten Hosen. 3 Akkorde Fur Ein Halleluja
  55. Meat Loaf. 3 Bats Live (BR)
  56. Yes. 35Th Anniversary Cons
  57. Fabian,Lara.
  58. Blood Work. Action
  59. Body Of Lies (Two-disc). Action
  60. Davin Sanborn (Dvd-Audio). Action
  61. French Conection (Blu-ray). Action
  62. Indiana Jones&The Kingdom Of The Crystal (Blu-ray)(Russian). Action
  63. James Bond Vol.3 (Blu-Ray). Action
  64. Journy to The center of the Earth (Blu-ray). Action
  65. Pride And Glory. Action
  66. Quatum Of Solace (Blu-ray)(Russian). Action
  67. Street Kings (Blu-ray) (Russian). Action
  68. Terminator 2 (japan) (Blu-Ray). Action
  69. There Will Be Blood (Blu-ray)(Russian). Action
  70. Traitor. Action
  71. Troy. Action
  72. Wanted (Limited Edition) (Blu-Ray). Action
  73. Matrix 10th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray). Action
  74. National Treasure 2 (Blu-Ray). Action
  75. Reader. Action
  76. X-Men Trilogy (Blu-ray). Action
  77. Casino Royale 007. Action (BR) 
  78. Danny The Dog Action (RegB)
  79. Transporter 2. Action (Unrated) (Reg A.B.C.) (France)
  80. Hidalgo. Action/Ws (ABC)(Russian5.1)
  81. Joan Of Arc (Blu-ray)(Russian). Adventure
  82. Incubus. Alive At Red Rocks (BR)
  83. Dion,Celine. All The Way... A Decade (DVD/CD)
  84. Sting. All This Time (Slidepack) (DVD)
  85. Hancock,Herbie. An Evening With
  86. Paradise Lost. Anatomy Of Melancholy (2PC)
  87. Primus. Animals Should Not Try To Act (DVD/CD)
  88. Who. At Kilburn 1977 (BR)
  89. Dark Funeral. Attera Orbis Terrarum 1
  90. Josh Groban. Awake Live
  91. Roxette. Ballad And Pop Hits (PAL)
  92. Verdi. Ballo di/Levine
  93. Beyonce. B’Day Anthology Video Album
  94. Nine Inch Nails. Beside You In Time (DVD)
  95. Bareilles,Sara. Between The Lines: Live At The Fillmore (BR/CD)
  96. Jonas Kaufmann. Bizet: Carmen
  97. Within Temptation. Black Symphony (2BR)
  98. Within Temptation. Black Symphony (Ltd Ed) (2DVD/2CD)
  99. Primus. Blame It On The Fish
  100. Mussorgsky. Boris Godunov/GABT
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